A Heart Out of Mind: an interview with Lauren Silver

Listen to Lauren’s interview by Joanna Harcourt-Smith on the podcast, Future Primitive.

From the podcast introduction: “In this week’s episode Lauren Silver speaks with Joanna about: a mind experiencing layers beyond the physical world; the challenges, sorrows and even joys that come when dementia enters a family’s world; elders are respected and loved in a traditional culture; plants, her very first teachers; the continuum of life and death; the importance of being present with the person experiencing dementia; a new kind of science and another way of experiencing space and time; the expansive gift of mindshifting; support from the more than human world; out of our minds and into our hearts.

Speaker, writer and consultant, Lauren Silver artfully uses stories to describe the challenges, sorrows and even joys that occur when dementia enters a family’s world. She is devoted to expanding compassion as well as increasing communication and translation skills in the ever-changing landscape of dementia. These offerings will open your heart; make you laugh and hopefully even make you cry. Whether or not you have someone with Memory Loss in your life, you will learn about relating more fully…to everyone. Even those who’ve had no exposure to dementia, share that attending one of her talks is the “most life-affirming experience” they’ve had in a long time.

Lauren lives in a one-room cabin on the edge of woods that border the Puget Sound in Washington State. She uses a drop-spindle to spin yarn made of the wool from her neighbor’s sheep and also tenderly works with plants in gardens nearby – two of the best ways she knows to nourish her soul and replenish her heart.”


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