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Even those who’ve had no exposure to dementia as yet, share that attending one of my talks was the “most life-affirming experience” they’d had in a long time.

Communication, compassion and translation in the landscape of dementia: Join writer, storyteller and teacher Lauren Silver in a presentation devoted to expanding compassion and increasing communication and translation skills in the ever-changing landscape of dementia. Her stories based on experiences with her father and others with dementia will open your heart, make you laugh and maybe even make you cry. Whether or not you have someone with Memory Loss in your life, you will learn about relating more fully…to everyone.

Lauren Silver learned to communicate in the language of dementia first as a friend, then as a caregiver, and finally, miraculously, as a daughter with her own father, when dementia crept into their world. She traveled to her childhood home to assist her elderly parents, stayed for four years and along the way, learned to communicate with a man who was utterly familiar, completely changed, and everything in between: together they entered the uncharted territory of dementia.

Lauren was interviewed on THE STORY, a National Public Radio program, about her essay, The Queen of the Flowers, which describes her unexpected friendship with an elder who developed dementia following the death of his wife. She has guest lectured in a community college training course for dementia caregivers in British Columbia. For a year and a half, Lauren volunteered weekly in a Memory Loss unit and attended their monthly Family Support meetings. She serves as a consultant with family members and other caregivers, helping them develop new communication skills and strategies.


Use my experience to help you come up with new approaches in communication, compassion, maintaining a sense of humor, finding ways to grieve life-changes and role-changes and lots of others possibilities. For more information, send me an email: